33 Shelby GT500 from The Ford Motor Company satisfies car enthusiasts

(December 20, 2014) – The Ford Motor Company is the most reputable automaker with a commitment to providing supreme features of automobiles and commercial vehicles at reasonable prices. As the second-largest automaker in the USA, The Ford Motor Company gets the greatest recognition throughout the world.
Driving enthusiasts throughout the globe prefer Ford Mustang eagerly. This is because they wish to drive an extraordinary car to take pleasure in their driving extremely.  An affordable price of this car has the most outstanding features to give the best worth to those who buy it.  The huge success of the GT350 model improves interests and professionalism of personnel in The Ford Motor Company and Carroll Shelby to produce Shelby GT500.  This car is equipped with attention-grabbing parts that augment the overall performance of this vehicle.Dedicated collectors of Mustang cars and enthusiasts of this series of cars nowadays rummage around for the upcoming models. They feel satisfied with every model from this brand since these cars have the most advanced features when compared to previous versions. The overall performance of every new Mustang car is better than its predecessors.  The most powerful engines and improved suspension tuning are the main reasons behind the noticeable success of GT500 model cars.
As the ultimate performance version in a list of Mustang cars, Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 gets the number one position. This car is one in a list of top preferences of individuals who wish to buy a car from the Ford brand. This car is available in two body styles namely coupe and convertible. This model from Ford has lots of noticeable upgrades including supercharged 5.8 liters V8 in all-aluminum to crank out 662 horsepower. Thus, this car supports a top speed of over 200 mph to give endless benefits to car owners.

The powerhouse of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is hooked up to 6-speed manual gearbox. This spins the rear tires by using a solid rear axle of a limited-slip type. An adjustable steering assist and launch control system are available in this car to enhance the overall satisfaction to people who own this car.

The highlights of this car are including a glass roof for coupe, an upgraded sound system, a navigation system, packages of handful performances, ultra performance hardware, separate engine oil, transmission cooling systems, adjustable Bilstein dampers, real differential, and larger Brembo brakes than previous models.

Owners of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 cars feel happy about their informed choice on time. They have invested their money in this outstanding car and get the ever increasing profits these days. They recommend The Ford Motor Company to their friends who seek the best brand of affordable cars to buy within the budget.

The Ford Motor Company is the most outstanding company in the industry of automobiles. This company provides different models of cars that have the most advanced specifications to give satisfaction to owners at all times. You can get further details about this leading company and its Mustang Shelby GT500 model when you visit .


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